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There are already various book price comparison sites on the web, and is yet another example of them. There are several reasons why BookButler can be the best book price comparison site out there. First of all, actually specifies the number of online shops they pull data from, which is more than other book price comparison websites can say for themselves. This comparison website searches 112 online book stores, exchanges, and marketplaces for the best priced books. BookButler will also include delivery times in the comparison process. So you can actually choose affordable and easily available books! BookButler also covers a wide category of searches.

BookButler can refine your book search according to country. The choices are Germany, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Spain, United States, and Canada. The limited choices can be a drawback for those people who want to read affordable books from other countries. BookButler however offers more search choices than other competing websites. You can actually search by the title, the author, ISBN/EAN, publisher, and even by keyword! Others out there simply let you search by title and/or author. Another great thing about BookButler is that it allows you to specify the place the book needs to be shipped to and the currency to be used for purchase. These things can affect prices and the fact that BookButler considers that makes it more superior than others who don’t.

BookButler also offers various language supports for their website. Actually, it is quite clear that BookButler cares for its users and that makes it one of the best book price comparison websites in the Internet!

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February 2nd, 2009


The most comprehensive search engine for book location and then screening by price to locate the book you want at the price you want. I sound like an employee! Truth be told I love books, and finding Bookbutler has saved me a fortune, and enabled me to find books that I struggled to find through other resources.

March 10th, 2009


Excellent – a truly useful site!

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